Frugal Photographer
Use flash indoors, or outdoors to fill in details against back lighting

Flash bulbs and cube flashes

The strength and duration of a bulb flash is unlike any electronic strobe, and images taken with genuine flash bulbs are noticeably different.
Choose the cube flash that fits your camera

Flash cubes have electrical contacts; Magicubes do not.

Flash cubes use a round socket. The Magicube socket is square.

Use flash bulbs instead of electronic flash for that unmistakable mid-20th-century look in your photos.

Use blue bulbs for both color and b/w film. Use clear bulbs for b/w film only.

Group of flash bulbs

M2 flashbulbs were introduced in 1953. "M" stands for Midget; they are much smaller than earlier flashbulbs.

AG1B and AG1C flash bulbs

AG1 flashbulbs were introduced in about 1958. "AG" stands for All Glass; they did not have a conventional bayonet base like other bulbs.

Multi-bulb flash bars were designed for a variety of Polaroid and Pocket Instamatic cameras.

No need to handle individual AG1B bulbs; they're assembled into an easily-used unit for you.

All flipflash and flashbars feature blue bulbs, for both color and b/w film.