May 12, 2009


I was desperately seeking 110 film for my upcoming trip.  I placed an order on your website Sunday and requested FedEx overnight.  Today is Tuesday.  There has been no tracking number, no package, and no way to find out what has happened to my order.

If I didn't need it today, I wouldn't have selected, and PAID FOR, FedEx overnight.  If I didn't need it until later in the week, I would have chosen 2-day or Ground.

If you cannot provide overnight service, why do you offer it??? Now I am totally ****ed, and I can't even pick up the phone and ask you why.  No one has answered the number on the (e-Mailed) receipt all day, and searching for the status of my order only tells me to try back in 12 hours.

I'm out 70 dollars, I fly out tomorrow, and I'm just stunned at the absurdity of a website that promises you an order the next day but then has a page-long disclaimer about how no one will be around for five weeks at a time.

Truly one of the worst experiences of online commerce in my entire life.




Jennifer's order failed to transmit from the shopping cart software to the shipping warehouse. This happens several times a year, for no reason that we can discover. We didn't learn of the problem until she e-mailed this complaint, and by then it was too late. Her refund was issued immediately.

It is hard to see how anything could have gone better if she was able to get through by phone. However, it is easy to see why she found the experience so frustrating, and why it made her feel so bad.

It also made me feel very bad.