Frugal Photographer
About us
Frugal Photographer commenced business on the World Wide Web
on September 1, 2001,
and has operated continuously since then.

Where are we? Frugal Photographer is a 100% web-based retail business.

The company is run by me, a real person, David Foy, of Calgary, Alberta. There's nobody else here. I use the term "we" on this web site because there are a number of people elsewhere whose work and ingenuity make this whole enterprise possible.

Inventory is shipped to US addresses from a fulfillment warehouse in Nampa, Idaho (Specialty Fulfillment Center). I'm located in Calgary, but I don't keep much stock here. I fill orders to non-US addresses from Calgary.

Why are we here? Because photography is an important art form, and legacy systems and legacy processes are powerful tools for artistic expression. That's why some sculptors today still use mallets and chisels while others use 3D printers, and some use both. But my main motivation is that it saddens me to see so many excellent cameras go unused.

Legalese: The Frugal Photographer online store is an operating unit of Adox Fotowerke, Inc., incorporated and registered in the Province of Alberta. Adox Fotowerke, Inc. is not related in any way to the German company named Adox Fotowerke. The coincidence of the names is a long story that I will probably put up on my blog some day. Suffice it to say that my company and the German company of almost the same name have an excellent relationship, and we both try hard to minimize any confusion about who is who.

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