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Three twin lens reflex cameras that use 127 film
Three classic 4x4 twin-lens reflex cameras for 127 film, circa 1958-1960: Baby Rollei, Yashica-44, Primo-Jr.

For cameras that use 127, APS, or 110 size film

Outdated APS film

Kodak Avantix 400-25

Kodak Advantix 400-25

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[Item: APS400]

Ten rolls of Kodak Advantix 400-25

Kodak Avantix 400-25

Kodak Advantix 400-25, 10 roll package

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[Item: APS400-10PACK]

Kellogg logo 110 minicamera with film

Ansco 20 camera with Kellogg logo with film, from the back

Kellogg minicamera with film

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Fuji color film for 110 cameras

Fuji 110 film

Outdated Fuji 110 film

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Fuji 110 film in action

Ice cream storefront, Fuji 110 film, Minolta MKII 110 SLR camera.

Ice cream store at Aspen Landing, Calgary, photographed in full sun on outdated Fuji 110 film (summer of 2021).

Ansco 50 minicamera

Ansco 50 minicamera

Ansco 50 minicamera

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[Item: ANSCO-50]

See the Ansco 50 minicamera in action


Photographs taken with outdated Fuji 110 film in an ultra-simple Ansco 50 minicamera demonstrating its precision-molded plastic lens.